Balance It’s late July, yet the calendar is stuck on February, and that alone explained more than he ever could. He sits, looking aimlessly at the rows of numbers, thinking backwards. Lately his world seemed to be calm seas or tidal waves with nothing in between. Then again, he wasn’t consciously seeking out the happy … More Balance


She’s a scared soul but she’s trying to look optimistic her eyes batted and she told me what she thought of livin’ I sat in awe she told her story but a lot was missing a scared soul and it’s hard to stay optimistic. a few years since I saw her last ,since we were … More Optimistic

Pink Skies 

End of the day head to the ocean when the skies are pink-The only way I give myself some time to think -tryna get my ambitions and my mind in sync-Pops tells me slow down and just remind myself to breathe I try to take a second then I’m right back-Read an old txt from … More Pink Skies