Oh he’s passively walking but searchin is not in his comfort,

never danced in the rain he’s afraid so he waits for the sun first,

he know’s much about history but nothin of the world he’s in,

claims he never had a chance he had plenty, none were taken.


He know’s no better, if he stopped and looked around,

he might notice the weather, stead of staring at the ground,

and he seldom sees the sunset, doesnt have the time of day,

hasn’t found anyone yet, and his boat never leaves the bay.


Cause conforming is easy and thinking is out of the question,

he know’s theres something more but it’s nothing he’d like to invest in,

as a scholar he sees that his life is in front of his eyes,

he’s got masters degrees that are blessings in disguise,

he’ll recite to you facts and figures and so much more,

but he’s most apprehensive for what’s next in store.


He claims he knows better than everyone around,

he don’t ask no questions, he just shoots another round,

and his ignorance is present with every subtle glance,

he had dice in his hands, but he never took the chance.

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