You were supposed to be close, I’d like to think I’m not like them,

but then of course  I lacked force so you said that I would simply be a friend,

hope this train lets me off before the end.


Cuz you keep on runnin back to it, you said you can’t keep from runnin back to it.

Don’t chya know your heart is so tired but you manage to appear so stunning

Don’t chyaa know your brain is on fire with rage, but you keep on running


How can you say things are all great, when he returns home from a one night date,

exclaims I’m sorry work ran late, you say I trust you and believe in fate,

that doesn’t sound too accurate, but you still keep runnin back to it.


don’tchya know your heart is inspired by love but it gets cut  by those so cunning,

you better look at where u are and what your doin child, before you keep on running


and friends’ advice your trashing it, they hate to see you runnin back to it

material things your flashin it, but are they really worth runnin back to it?

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