Take a trip down a beaten trail, been there for a while-

gimme some time to clear my mind, n move a couple a miles-

along the wway you’d stop and you’d say, this is where we used to run-

back in the day we’d laugh and we’d play, under the moonlight and sun-

oh Everson rock, how you’ve changed my thoughts-

ohh Everson hill, lookin back it really gives me the chills-

ohh Everson lake, where we’d head the very second we waked-

oh Everson Everson, you nearly taught me everything.

Sit n discuss and ponder life’s questions, that remain unknown,

althought you taught and yes you were a blessin, I still remain ungrown,

in the sense that im curious, my focus is to learn to live,

if my instincts guide me rightly, your paths a fine alternative-

oh everson rock, you never knew how much you meant,

on everson rock, how productive all the days were spent

everson, why’d I ever leave you everson,

everson everson, we’re comin back please let us in.

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