The usual (bluesie)

he walks a few miles to the bus stop everyday,

unaffected by what those around him might have to say,

he knows his wisdom trumps them all,

they’ve got their fancy phones, but ain’t got no one to call.

They host their exclusive parties n they go all night-

then they buy their expensive books, but still got nothin ta write-

well if ya look right in their eyes, you’ll see their truth might be covered up with some lies.

* But i guess thats just the usual, thats how it’s always been,

he says that’s just the usual, thats what I’ve always seen,

i know thats just the usual, how its always been,

you know they dig the usual, cuz they livin that american dream.

The lady on the corner says to give em a break, can’t u see it from their perspective they’re just tryna make,

an honest livin for themselves, in the hands that they’ve been dealt,and then a youngster walks by and starts to pipe in real late.

He said I know  I’m still in my youth but ive noticed your discussin’,

I’ve seen a lotta people,do alotta things, and most of them is fussin and rushin,

cuz. we. got. no time for pleasure, unless the cost is cheap,but then again there ain’t no price that could be too steep.

That seems to be the usual, hows its always been,

that seems to be the status quo, you aint got it if your pockets are lean.

but thats just the usual,can’t help it if ya know what i mean,

they say its just the usual, way itll always be

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