Its always present, but you don’t like to visit it-
You’ll think of nearly anything else-
But when you try to push it aside, it never diminishes-
It just kinda feeds on itself.

It’s that one thing, we all got it could be anything-
We throw it in the back of our head-
Shy away any time that it comes up-
Hoping it’ll never surface again

But you can’t fight something that strong and not get hurt-
You gotta face facts when its staring at your face-
Evaluate the feelin and the reason that’s it there-
then chase it and confront it with your grace.

After all the chaos you will realize how it got there-
not somethin to fear ,but just somethin to refer to-
It’s hard to keep it honest when your speaking but I’ll stop there-
Try to keep your verse true even if it hurts you .

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