Everytime I write it makes me wanna do more of it-
Everytime they say it’s nice everytime they abhorring it-
Everytime they embrace it everytime they deploring it-
Everytime they put it down everytime they’re rewarding it-
Everytime they say to spit again because they didn’t know-
Everytime they say I aint shit I write a bitter flow-

everytime emotions on the brink ill be creating-

and everytime a topic arises il be debating-

everytime my boy texts back his critiques-

everytime my boy Ian jones creates a beat-
Everytime I see someone with hurt or with pain-
Everytime I write is not for personal gains
Everytimes for everyone who ever had some thoughts that-

everytime they wanted to write down, they lost track-

they knew they felt they knew they knew but couldn’t spit it out-

and everytime I write all these words are from their mouth

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