The chase

Never quite reaching it always staring at its back-
People try for years relentlessly but can’t attain it-
The meaning and the reasoning for everything that’s happening-
I’ll search until I’m no longer remaining

Questioning is not an easy task by any means
Simpler to push aside the things inside that haunt you
Struggling to think if thinking really makes a difference
Take the straight nnarrow path but do you really want to?

It’s impossible to vocalize or harmonize a feeling
Even with a choir of a thousand angels singin
They wouldn’t do justice to emotions that are felt
When you lose someone or someone’s heart melts

I’ve been working endlessly to capture just a slice of it
Every situation I write down a little thought
Its burdensome but worth it when you see someone who gets it
And makes me try harder seeing someone who does not

I stay up sleepless nights, For Reasons I can’t explain
To write for all the people who might be feelin the same
To fight for the feelin to remedy all the pain-
Searching while I realize these answers I can’t attain.

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