High rise

In hindsight that’s the closest that I’ve ever been,

to not waking or seeing the sun surface-

at the time it would shine ,gracefully it let me in,

but were the means justified were they really worth it?


In the meantime while pondering on that thought-
What if you coherently couldn’t think of your last thought?

What if those wings didn’t land you on the ground-

what if you were knocked out no one ever heard a sound.


Think of all the people that’d be saying what a tradegy-
Puttin that on them it isnt fair of you to do-
Think of lost friends damn some of em would be mad at me-

they never got a chance to say the truth.

Well if you got it then just speak up cuz things can happen anytime-

that’s the very reason that my soul goes into every line-

every time someone reads this they have a chance

-to get a slice of insight and to see things in advance.

I can’t even stress the magnitude of every moment-
But I try to take advantage try to lock in try to own it
If you get graced with something that’s so far beyond you,

make sure you use it well or else that very thingll haunt you.

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