I write for

I write for

The father who just wanted what was best for his young son
The old determined aged man still seqrching forhis loved one
The mother who had all the answers but oddly never questioned
The infant who can teach the middle aged man a lesson

The tentative and shy kid who never spoke a word
The powerful and confident who had it all together
The folks who disagree with everything and then concur
The kidwho keeps the forecast bright despite inclement weather

The people with potential who never gave the effort
The boy who’s always nervous cuz he’s facing so much pressure
The chick at every outing who tells herself she’s popular
The so called friends that are oddly never stoppin her

The typical the strange the polite and the rude
The couple who bases their day to day on the nightly news
The kid who’s got it figured out but hasn’t got a clue
The scholar deep in love with life that never makes a move

The kid who followed every step and did as he was told
Turned into a man of great success and well regarded
Finally was forced to face the truth when he was old
His life was nearly done and he just wanted to restart it

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