Verse 1
My dear, you’ll one day be in my arms
My heart will be beating for you
I know that it may be a while
But that smile you’ll have is what gets me through
My dear , Im warning you now
This world is not an easy place, to grow
But no fear, cause I’m tellin you how
To smile and let the meaningless go

Someday when your lonely at night my dear
Someday when theyve allturned on you
Someday with your eyes full of tears my dear
Just Lay right down il sing this to you
Verse 2
My dear, you’ll have laughter and love
And countless days of pleasure with friends
My dear with your mind on the run
Remember jus to always think clear

Cuz there will be times , when things won’t be easy, everyones got something to say
Just know your mine and princess believe me, this tune will fly your problems away

Chorus x2
Someday when you grow up and find your love
Someday when you’ve found someone true
Someday you’ll have nothing to fear my dear
Close your eyes il sing this to you

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