Subject to Change

Traditionally a memoir is written subsequently to the writer having lived a full life and had the chance to kick back and reminisce on their past experiences. Fortunately at such a young age I myself have witnessed and been in involved in many noteworthy events. I feel the need to document my life to date so far for not only myself but more so for those who have shaped who I am today, and those who will come after me.  For better or worse my personality, attributes, and ultimately  my life as a whole is derived from the people I’ve interacted with, places I’ve been, music I’ve heard, errors I’ve made,  and chances I’ve taken.

At 20 years old I have been blessed with more opportunities than many get in a lifetime and for that I am tremendously thankful. I hope my words serve some beneficial purpose to you,as I know I have learned a great deal from others stories and lives. Take it at face value as this is directly from the heart, little to no embellishment included. Prior to you beginning I should say my intentions are to either leave you laughing, in disbelief, crying, smiling, calling one of your long lost friends, coming to a realization, feeling something you’ve never felt, thinking something you’ve never thought, and wanting to shut the book and go start living your own life story. If that doesn’t interest you, sorry for wasting your time.

On a personal note, I feel almost obligated to date the steps I’ve taken so far. As I mentioned I have been graced with countless opportunities and have been raised by exceptional parents who shared with me the world and taught me their values while allowing me to design my own as well. Forming who you are is an ever changing process that we all are in the midst of.  I, like everyone, have evolved positively and negatively throughout the years and been affected by many factors.    This memoir will range everywhere from topics of little league baseball games, to the ocean, to love.  Reflecting back can be inevitably difficult especially when regarding one’s own life. I aim to provide a read that combines a rear view glance at my life mingled with an in the moment outlook ,yielding what will  expectantly be an elaborate yet powerful perspective.

My autobiography is my self-portrait. I want it to be beautiful. I want it to look perfect. But I want it to represent myself, which is not perfect. Rather, my hopes as well as my fears, my attributes as well as my fears, my attributes as well as my downfalls, my triumphs as well as my faults will all be visible. All that has made me will come together and be shown as one. Turn to chapter one and have at it.

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