August 9th

August 9th

It begins like every other one does

a young man not sure if he’s Fallin in love .

He knows how he feels but he holds back,

knowing someday that’ll wish he could go back .

He was hesitant, unsure of what the other felt,

probably isn’t mutual is what’d he always tell himself.
Living in completely seperate worlds under the Sun,

with no chances of those two becoming one.

Time passed, both of them were preoccupied,

in their new lives and in awe of what they offered.
They never were together persay no but oftentimes,

he still felt the regret of having lost her.
Everytime they spoke it was as if they’d never parted,

every conversation still sparked eachrhrs interest.
And everytime afterwards his mind wandered back to it,

what if he had said this would that have made a difference?

Initially He didn’t take the chance whenheI was given it
Thought that He had lost it, He had taken her for granted
swore the next time in the moment Hewould live in it
Say everything he never said and finally takeadvantage

He started to redeem himself slowly with  the small stuff
Spontaneous encounters was the style they were the best at
Hangin Doin anything was far better than anything
Then Layin down beside her where she’d rest at

The long awaited night came inside I’m  goin crazy
leaving barely breathing I just managed to say bye to u
I couldn’t leave it there i turned around and confessed
You replied I’m real gllad that you decided To

Later on you told me that it all seemed like a dream-
But don’t chya know the story things ain’t always what they seem
I couldnt let it slip away im making moves rapidly
And if it was a dream then I’d be tryin ta fall back ta sleep

A distant moon rose and everything justalligned
stars lit the sand and  the glow lit your face
Turned to u  And asked I was hoping itd be fine-
If I could simply kiss you  you said yes with such a grace

Even in the midst of parting ways I think we managed
To make the Most of every day and not to get too damaged
I know the timing wasn’t exactly what’d itd ideally be
But I think you’d say the same when I’m tellin you it was real to me .

If I told somebody else, they couldn’t perceive it-
If I I tried to recreate it, I couldnt achieve it-
A million words of poetry couldn’t conceive it –
I’ve told you how I felt and I know you believe it

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