A Seaside Perspective

(Verse 1)

Been chasin’ this feeling for many a day,

Now when the daylight fades away we can finally stay.

Lying there with you right by my side,

GIrl  you are as true as the rising tide.


We watch the ocean, glisten

Sun down,livin

I’ve been,missin

Everything about you

Got my heartbeat,racin

the pleasure’s worth the patience.

Both our feelings grew,

I love everything about you.

(Verse 2)

You make me realize, things I couldn’t imagine

Plan for the future together, n’ appreciate all that’s happened

Our past as bright, as the light breeze blue sky weather,

I hope that we, make memories forever.


Watching the ocean, glisten

Sun down, livin

Someday we’ll be reminiscin’

on all the things we’ve done.

my heart beat,racing

worth every second of waiting

I’d be a lesser man,

if I had to live without you.


It’s ever growing and I don’t see an end

Been dreaming bout a lifetime, with you I’d like to spend

Our confidence and trust it takes us so far

I’d like to spend a lifteime, wherever you are


We’d watch the ocean, glisten

Sun rise, livin

through beach glass tinted eyes,

I could never doubt you.

You got my heart still, droppin

I can’t help but fallin

When people ask me why

I tell em everything about you

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