No sun today

How can a sunny day hurt this bad?
How can my favorite place feel like the worst place in the world ?
Even The beautiful sea rolling in seems a darker blue,
And the white clouds although scattered don’t catch my eye like usual.
The beach grass bent over never seemed so violent
The waves now are crashing when previously silent
But why today? How can a sunny day hurt so bad
The sights seem the same, Im here once again
No one to blame but myself, i admit
One breath seems fresh and the next one it drowns me
All at once all the best and the worst things surround me
How today?how can a sunny day leave me like this
The sun it yields warmth but my bones they feel brisk
The coastline looks promising and I know storms will pass
But at this point I am buried and Im scared it could last
I spot a brave captain who’s off in the distance
I wonder of his tale and the man that he is
The endless sea roars, and the man always listens
For him the tides shaped the whole way he has lived
For Better or worse the man now threw an anchor
He knew it was here for the night he would stay
He looked beaten and bruised and tired and hungry
Then he looked to the sky and exclaimed, what a day
Winds seem to change suddenly with no warning
It’s frightening to see how much changed since this morning
I and my heart get ourselves into trouble
Being graced with the world but still asking why
There’s no way to say what’s the right move or wrong one
There are good days and bad days and this ones a long one
I know I’m at fault for not seein the sun
And when I arrived i just wanted to run
But why today? Why didn’t I see the beauty in today
Why did today have to hurt so bad
I’ve worked hard for ages to be what I can
But still I question myself as a boy and a man

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