5th floor Daydreams

We’re all sitting, thinking, living
Wondering where we are headed.
Some of us have a good idea, some of us pretend to, but none of us really know. We’re faking it, but working at figuring it out at the same time. We’re all judging who’s doing better and who’s doing right, but no one knows. I don’t know. I’m working today to be better, hoping to make people around me happy,hoping to do what I love forever, hoping to change the world slowly but surely. We all are changing the world to an extent, but in what way? I need and appreciate the things in my life that have shaped me, so I try to be grateful for all of it. Good,bad, friends,foes,it’s all combined to create where I am right now.Life keeps rolling on. Everything feels so different but then you talk to an old friend and it feels the same. No one knows what the hell is going on, but make no mistake everyone is searching. We’re all trying.

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