Take a trip down a beaten trail, been there for a while-

Gimme some time to clear my mind, n’ move a couple of miles.

Along the way you’d stop and you’d say, this is where we used to run-

Back in the day we’d laugh and we’d play, under the moonlight and sun.


Oh Everson rock, how you’ve changed my thoughts-

Oh Everson hill, looking back it really gives me the chills.

Oh Everson lake, where we’d head the very second we waked-

Oh Everson Everson, you nearly taught me everything.


My father’s footsteps in front of me, and Grampie led the way-

So many lessons I’ve learned from them, seemed to click on that day.

We sat and discussed and pondered life questions, that remain unknown,

Everything they showed me, shaped me and helped me to grow.


Oh Everson rock, you never knew how much you meant,

Oh Everson rock, how productive all the days were spent

Everson, why’d I ever leave you Everson,

Everson, Everson, we’re coming back please let us in.

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