As he walked towards the exit of the library  he saw through the window that it was raining and thought “perfect” it only seemed fitting after the day he had been through. However, while he walked slowly back to his apartment his self-pity quickly disappeared. His eye’s caught the streetlights in front of him, the thin layer of  fog hovering in front of them and soft rain blowing by in the wind got him thinking. He was quiet and  felt still, wrapped up in the fragile moment, he could feel everything around him moving and for those split seconds (which felt like a lifetime) he understood what life was about. He couldn’t articulate it, he couldn’t even come close and he thought it would be naïve to try, but he felt it and that’s all that mattered. The rain was so soft that it didn’t bother him in the slightest, it was so faint that when he pulled his phone out he had no concern at all. The tiny, almost microscopic drops glowed beautifully on his screen as he sent a message to his friend who he missed terribly. He didn’t have many people in his life he could talk to like he could with him. They had been through thick and thin together, and more than that, they were both extremely curious minds that fed off each other, they loved each other. Not in a romantic way, it was a strong brotherhood and they both influenced each other’s lives’ immensely. After the concise and nostalgic text  he lifted his head and was greeted again with a cool breeze and a mist of rain that reinforced this almost dreamlike state he had entered since he stepped foot outside. His headphones played Lana Del Ray’s song Video Games, he wasn’t sure why that song came on,  but for the moment it didn’t matter. Everything seemed more clear, more intense, even the song sounded more powerful than it ever had before. It was the combination of everything, everything seemed aligned  for this snapshot in time.  He continued to walk, and he noticed his pace was getting gradually slower and slower, delaying  his return home. It was almost as if he could see himself going through these motions and this moment inevitably slipping away right in front of him. All he wanted to do was hold on to this feeling and live in it, he wanted so badly to hold on. Sadly, of course, the feeling, the moment, and the night passed, and the next thing he knew he was at his apartment dreading waking up early for work the next day. But before he fell asleep he dreamt of the fog, of the rain. He dreamt of the sounds he heard when he took his headphones out seconds before unlocking the door, they were somehow even more powerful than the music. The crickets, the wind, everything. He dreamt of everything about that night, he knew he may never experience it again, but he had felt it and that’s all that mattered.

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