4 a.m.

Looking out it’s glass calm, waning moon, no waves.

4  am at the moment and we’re talking about how we’re all stuck in our old ways.

But we keep laughing, like everything’s great.

He said he keeps on laughing to stay focused on the next day.

I completely understand, wish I had the same strength.

Cold head in my hands wishing that’d I’d stop wishing for the old days.


I’m fine, I’m cool, I’m livin’ for right now.

Looking at people in a whole different light now.

No longer accepting aimless negativity

Everybody’s changing, and that’s fine with me.


I don’t want to speed up or rewind, just pause life and recline.

Took a deep dive in emotion, ‘cause I caught myself on a decline.

I can’t define this ocean, but I’m focusing, I’m streamlined.

I’ll surface and be floating, lay back take a breath and be fine.

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