Over her shoulder ( pt.2 Your Love Excerpt )

Why, and how had this kind and fun loving boy she knew from college turned into such a degenerate asshole? Closing her eyes she thought back to the first time they had met: at a Northwestern frat party in some dimly lit, rat-packed basement. He was a pledging freshman at the time,and Karen 3 years his senior . Though he was young he had this confidence and energy about him that she found fatally attractive.  Your Love by the Outfield blasted in the background as the drunken party  goers yelled “I JUST WANNA USE YOUR LOVE TONIGHHHHHHHT” in unison. Roy, (Junior) as his friends called him, approached Karen for the first time as if they had known each other for years.


“ Hey girl he said as he leaned up against the white concrete wall next to her. Hiiii… She said rather dismissively. He laughed and then proceeded,  I’m Roy, and what’s your name beautiful? Oh god, she thought, here we go.  As her eyes searched the room for the two friends she came with she replied sternly, “Karen, I’m Karen”.  She didn’t have time to deal with this right now, she hadn’t even wanted to come out tonight. “Well it’s really  nice to meet you Karen” , he outstretched his hand and looked her in the eyes.  He had these light green eyes that she noticed right off the bat, they matched well with his tan skin. Roy was a broad shouldered, handsome looking guy, but shorter than Karen which usually  she hated.


Karen was an even 6 feet and Roy looked about 5’10 at the time. He was admittedly hot though, she couldn’t deny that. They shook hands and Karen took a sip of the warm light beer she had been served. Roy could tell by her disgusted face she didn’t like the taste . What are you drinking?he asked. “Some shit beer one of your buddies was passing out” she said in a hostile tone. Wow, she caught herself, I’m being an asshole to this kid for no reason. She wasn’t usually like this, but she had been ready to go home from the moment she walked in.


Despite her standoffish nature , Roy was resilient, one more try he said to himself. “Sorry about that, only the best for our guests” he said as he pointed to empty racks of Natty’s crushed on the floor. “Here try my drink, promise I didn’t do anything weird to it”  Roy said. Karen laughed but insisted Roy take a drink of it first, half jokingly and half dead serious. Finally  she took a sip of the bright blue concoction . Damn, that was really good. Tasted like she was on a tropical island somewhere. “Not bad” she said casually . Not bad?! Roy replied in shock, c’mon now you know that’s good. She smiled coyly, not bad for a freshman she said as she took another big sip. Well, he said, I’m glad you like it, you can have the rest. Karen accepted and their conversation continued for a while longer.Roy even convinced her to dance with her for a song, something she rarely did. There was something about him that made her feel young and  spontaneous- but she wasn’t ready to admit that to herself yet.


The night carried on and the two continued to  get along fabulously. Only when senior frat bro Brett, self proclaimed king of the school came over to grab the pledges did it end. Brett came up behind Roy and put him in a headlock, ready to drink until you throw up little bitch boy?! He said jokingly but also loud enough so everyone could here him asserting his dominance. His false sense of dominance. Roy pushed him off, laughed  and said” lets get it”. What are you doing hanging out with this old cougar Brett questioned as he blatantly gave Karen an up and down. Karen was looking flawless, as she so often did. Roy quickly replied to him with a witty  “you know I like my girls a little bit older” as he shot a wink at Karen. Somehow it wasn’t a creepy wink , Karen decided,which was seemingly  hard to accomplish. Well let’s fucking go junior we don’t have all day, give your mother a hug goodnight and let’s go . Roy wasn’t phased by Brett, which Karen loved. Karen hated how so many people  bowed to Brett’s every demand. Roy seemed to see through the facade, and inversely he himself seemed very self aware. He was young and new to all of this but you could tell  he just felt comfortable, like anywhere he went he not only belonged, but he owned it. He thrived in it.
As Brett ran around the room yelling at the others Roy stayed engaged with Karen. “Here, if I can get your number I’ll make you gallons of my blue crush mix whenever you want. ” Blue crush? She said laughing at the name.  Roy put on a fake angry look What are you hating on it now?! “Never mind , if you can’t appreciate it never mind”he said. “No no no I’m just kidding I loved it “ Karen said dying laughing and pushing him with one arm.The two play fought like they were fourth grade crushes fighting over colored pencils . As Karen leaned in she lost her balance on the beer covered floor  and fell forward into Roy’s arms. She confirmed her prediction when she felt his biceps, he was ripped, and it was hot.As she slowly eased herself off of him they shared one of those movie-like moments where time stands still and nothing else matters- then inevitably rushes back into real-time. “JUNIOR, cut the soft shit or I’ll come kick your ass, let’s go, upstairs all of you,now !”Brett yelled.  


While Roy waited for Karen to find a pen he dapped up one of his pledge brothers who was heading upstairs as well. Karen hurried back from the kitchen with a black pen in hand. Well have fun throwing up with Brett  Karen said as she scribbled her phone number on his hand .”  I’ll call you soon, have a fun and safe night, Karen. Roy said as he head left and headed towards the stairs. She knew he was a little freshman probably just trying to say anything to get laid yes, but despite those factors and more, she kinda loved it. She loved his smile, she loved the attention yes but that wasn’t it, she loved his whole demeanor, he projected something, something most  guys, and most people didn’t . His whole presence said, life is good,let’s have some fun. From that night forward, that’s exactly what they did.

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