Pink Skies 

End of the day head to the ocean when the skies are pink-The only way I give myself some time to think -tryna get my ambitions and my mind in sync-Pops tells me slow down and just remind myself to breathe

I try to take a second then I’m right back-Read an old txt from an old friend who never writes back-I lost all my energy to fight-People make time for what they love, that’s just life

Few true been on the roster since we used to shoot as adolescents-Learning pivots, in and outs, and when to play aggressive-Drawing up plays those the ones I never had to question-Fast break id give the nod and they’d get the message 

4 thoughts on “Pink Skies 

  1. I LOVE looking at pink skies myself! It’s amazing how the sky changes color each day.

  2. I enjoyed your post. I miss the ocean in LA/Orange County. I have to get back there. 😉 Thank you for following my blog. It is so encouraging! I love to meet new people and hear about their lives. Blogging is great for this. I just posted a new blog – Removing Barriers. I look forward to seeing more of you blogs! Cheers!

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