She’s a scared soul but she’s trying to look optimistic
her eyes batted and she told me what she thought of livin’
I sat in awe she told her story but a lot was missing
a scared soul and it’s hard to stay optimistic.

a few years since I saw her last ,since we were cryin talking life from different angles as the time passed
Lookin back I laugh but I wish we got those nights back
Nights that, we wished we’d grow older in a second
She said to me my life is hell right now but everything’s a blessing
Cuz she would thank the heavens for the setbacks that built her
spoke loud about the things she loved and never filtered
But even she would get discouraged during situations
Failed relations caused her pure troubled heart to start breaking
Started flaking on the few who stayed true through all of it
trapped inside her mind her heart was too numb to follow it

She’s a scared soul theres no point being optimistic
I gotta lot to give but it seems my hearts diminished
I sat in awe she told her story but a lot was missing
A scared soul barely breathing being optimistic

As fate would have it, inspiration hit her like the setting sun
Just in time to see the light before the nighttime made her run
While she was writing spoken word she wouldn’t speak to anyone
3 line schemes with one that seems outta place
Cuz being out of place was what she loved especially nowadays
She knew who she was and that made her options endless
She knew her faults and strengths and she put em in a sentence
I see potential in everything(maybe too much) No longer get involved in anything unless it’s true love.
Cuz it’s true her heart was bruised but it never blew up.
She mended every wound that hurt her from the age two n up
That was her first memory when she got her first cut
Her dad cleaned it kissed it twice and said keep that head up
After that no matter what hit,  it was never enough
To break through her fathers words that have made her so tough

She’s a scared soul but she tends to be optimistic
She’s got a lot to say and always takes the time to listen
I sit in awe she tells her story, but a lot is missing
She writes her story everyday thats why she’ll never finish

33 thoughts on “Optimistic

    1. Whitney! Thank you for saying that- feels good to hear especially since most days I feel like a total hack haha, thanks again

      1. I completely get what you are saying. I am having a severe case of writers block šŸ˜­ I have some cool ideas but when it comes to writing…nothing

  1. That is really nice. It reads as if they are lyrics. Many people tend to forget you have to endure the bad to appreciate the good! Great job!

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