It’s late July, yet the calendar is stuck on February,

and that alone explained more than he ever could.

He sits, looking aimlessly at the rows of numbers, thinking backwards.

Lately his world seemed to be calm seas or tidal waves with nothing in between.

Then again, he wasn’t consciously seeking out the happy medium.

He despised the familiar commonalities in his life.

He was a man of extremes.


Living was only worth it in moments which made him feel anything but his usual “numb”, as he described it.

But it was on that slow day that he realized, life wasn’t merely about the highs & lows.

Instead, he thought, maybe it was about understanding that for better or worse a change in tides was always right around the corner.

In fact, life wasn’t about the ups and downs at all, but about learning to have a little fun in between the two.


16 thoughts on “Balance

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