Two Writers, One Story

Bringing back a unique project I’m lucky enough to be working on with a good friend of mine  Ian Dore. A while back we had started in on a collaborative story, one in which we would each write from a separate character’s perspective & pass the baton to one another as segments were completed. After 3 or 4 segments each we hit a brick wall, and we’re now finally both in a creative space that is conducive to continuing on . With roughly 30 pages completed we are both equally excited as we are uncertain of where  the current narrative will take us, but we are enjoying the ride. I’ve attached a paragraph from each character to share a sneak peak of what is in the works. Let us know if you’d like to see more from Brad and Ian- and from Andy & Brian. Thanks guys!

Character:Andy Redmond

“Last call was an hour ago Andy, time to head out”, the barkeep yells across the dimly lit room at the man sitting by himself at a table for two. He did this every time he came in, strangely enough, and as far as the barkeep knew he was waiting for someone who was never going to show up. You could hear a slice of frustration in his tone, but even more so it was filled with empathy for the middle aged writer.  Andy looked up from his glass, which had been filled too many times to count that evening, and merely nodded. One look at Andy’s face would show you the pain he had endured throughout his life, especially the past few years. He wore every emotion he felt in his sunken, tired eyes.

Character: Brian Rodgers

Occasionally he sits there and thinks about where he used to be, reminiscing on the days where the only worry he had was winning his basketball game after school. Back when his legs weren’t reliant on the wheels that lay beneath him. Sometimes he considers calling his family, only getting as far as dialing the numbers. Other times he sits in front of the blank page while the tears pour out from his eyes, one by one, hoping that they take the last bit of remorse and sadness with them. Instead they just saturate the blank white paper with empty droplets. Ruining a perfectly good confession.

Stay tuned for more from the collab!

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