Balance It’s late July, yet the calendar is stuck on February, and that alone explained more than he ever could. He sits, looking aimlessly at the rows of numbers, thinking backwards. Lately his world seemed to be calm seas or tidal waves with nothing in between. Then again, he wasn’t consciously seeking out the happy … More Balance

Minor chords, deep love, and conversations by the fire

I’ve been afraid, hiding myself away for a while lately- But long dreams and brisk nights enhanced my style greatly- Realizing what it is that I admire, Minor chords, deep love, and conversations by the fire.   I’ve got thanks to give, Thanks to everyone I’ve ever known. Everybody I neglected here’s the love I … More Minor chords, deep love, and conversations by the fire


While light and dark times were frequently drawn, foggy grey days seemed to go unnoticed. They breezed by with the gentle wind that was neither overly violent nor calm and soothing, it simply was. The steadiness of it took the day before it could even be lmentioned,sadly. A lot should be learned from those moments, … More Unnoticed

Exit signs

Exit signs never went by slower Each one seems the same Weary but headstrong Slow right lane driver Stand by me on the radio, couldn’t ask for a better song at this moment , perfect In the front looking for bowl, now looking for phone Wondering if the night was worthwhile, I say yes Even … More Exit signs