She’s a scared soul but she’s trying to look optimistic her eyes batted and she told me what she thought of livin’ I sat in awe she told her story but a lot was missing a scared soul and it’s hard to stay optimistic. a few years since I saw her last ,since we were … More Optimistic

Pink Skies 

End of the day head to the ocean when the skies are pink-The only way I give myself some time to think -tryna get my ambitions and my mind in sync-Pops tells me slow down and just remind myself to breathe I try to take a second then I’m right back-Read an old txt from … More Pink Skies 

4 a.m.

Looking out it’s glass calm, waning moon, no waves. 4  am at the moment and we’re talking about how we’re all stuck in our old ways. But we keep laughing, like everything’s great. He said he keeps on laughing to stay focused on the next day. I completely understand, wish I had the same strength. … More 4 a.m.


Everson   Take a trip down a beaten trail, been there for a while- Gimme some time to clear my mind, n’ move a couple of miles. Along the way you’d stop and you’d say, this is where we used to run- Back in the day we’d laugh and we’d play, under the moonlight and … More Everson

A Seaside Perspective

(Verse 1) Been chasin’ this feeling for many a day, Now when the daylight fades away we can finally stay. Lying there with you right by my side, GIrl  you are as true as the rising tide. (Chorus) We watch the ocean, glisten Sun down,livin I’ve been,missin Everything about you Got my heartbeat,racin the pleasure’s … More A Seaside Perspective


Someday Verse 1 My dear, you’ll one day be in my arms My heart will be beating for you I know that it may be a while But that smile you’ll have is what gets me through My dear , Im warning you now This world is not an easy place, to grow But no … More Someday

Take time

As the light fades, and the night turns cold Well I think of all the stories that’ll never be told- As the time waves ,goodbye to us all We tend to forget thefeelings we had when we were small. So I take time to elaborate I take time to find out why Take time dont … More Take time

I write for

I write for The father who just wanted what was best for his young son The old determined aged man still seqrching forhis loved one The mother who had all the answers but oddly never questioned The infant who can teach the middle aged man a lesson The tentative and shy kid who never spoke … More I write for

Dear friend

Dear friend, it’s been so long, And we’re both missin what was there. And I can’t help but sing that same old song, I hope deep down somewhere u care. But it’s hard to see it when its happening It’s stares You right into the eyes It’s easy to feel but harder to act Upon … More Dear friend