Over Her Shoulder ( Last song excerpt)

“I haven’t felt this alive in a decade” Karen thought to herself. The spontaneous evening had provided a rare and powerful feeling that just for these few hours, everything was okay. In fact, okay was a vast understatement. Everything was beautiful. All of the burdensome thoughts she frequently let consume her were merely a faint … More Over Her Shoulder ( Last song excerpt)

4 a.m.

Looking out it’s glass calm, waning moon, no waves. 4  am at the moment and we’re talking about how we’re all stuck in our old ways. But we keep laughing, like everything’s great. He said he keeps on laughing to stay focused on the next day. I completely understand, wish I had the same strength. … More 4 a.m.


She’s a scared soul but she’s trying to look optimistic her eyes batted and she told me what she thought of livin’ I sat in awe she told her story but a lot was missing a scared soul and it’s hard to stay optimistic. a few years since I saw her last ,since we were … More Optimistic

Cruise Control

Cruise Control   11:36 a.m. Steven’s glossy eyes were noticeable as he walked into the bright and vacant 7/11. The cashier who greeted him couldn’t tell if he had been smoking or crying. He hadn’t been smoking. “Just the charger? These cost an arm and a leg nowadays.” the cashier said. “Mhmm” Steven replied dryly. … More Cruise Control